The place of dreams (by Adoley & Ama Asantewa)

There was a roar of thunder as the buildings around me came crushing down. In seconds I was running in the woods, flashes of red and blue.

I could hear screams of “Jesus is coming!!”, “Tis the hour, the king is here!” from afar. I kept running from nothing – then I saw a lighthouse by the beach. It looked like a storm was brewing as the waves crashed furiously against the stonewalls. It was a strange place and there was no sign of another human on the shores.

I sat in the wet sand with my feet in the harsh cold water for a moment and watched it change from blue to dark grey as a figure rose out the waters. It was of no form that I can describe and it glided towards me. The object had thin long ghostly fingers and didn’t have legs or maybe I couldn’t see. It was fluid like the waters it had risen out of. I sat there, unmoving. The apparition came within inches of where I sat, levitating.

When it opened its mouth, shrieking bats flew out and it said to me, “come with me. I am thy Saviour. I am your Lord Jesus”

“Nay..” I could barely hear myself.

It cackled. “You are mine!”

It reached for my being and touched my chest with its icy cold fingers plucking out my heart. I didn’t feel anything as I watched the bloody mess that was being created. It kept laughing.

“I alone am your god” it said. “Come with me”

I looked down at my chest and saw the dark hole, the place where my heart used to be. The apparition, Jesus, turned around and headed back into the water, I followed, levitating also.

I felt a dark cloud envelope me – like one great fog.

When I could finally see, I was on my feet; in a room and Jesus was gone. A peach-lipstick stained glass of orange juice sat on a marble desk in the middle of the giant room. Colourful sheets were strewn across the desk and I could see an army green bra from the corner of my eye. There was a palette leaning against the wall of the room; the colors, still wet. A painting of a mulatto girl, touching herself caught my eye. I smiled for no apparent reason and touched my hair, there was very little of it.

I sensed something fly across the huge metal door and walking in that direction, I saw a newspaper lying open. There was an article,

‘’Researchers have succeeded in creating an equation that unifies all the known forces of nature which will enable us to create devices that apply e forces across board in ways that we were unable to do before; the theory of everything is no longer dream theory’

I walked to the other end of the room, the bare floor teasing my soles as I caught my reflection in an ornate oak mirror shaped like the jagged edge of a broken mirror. I realized I was no longer naked. I was wearing a white flowing strapless dress with an inner thigh cut downwards.

I heard footsteps from behind. I didn’t turn. Big strong hands hugged me from behind.

‘’miss me?’’ a soothing voice asked

‘’badly” I smiled

“How bad?” he teased

“As badly as the left butt cheek misses the right in the split second the turd separates them”

His laughter filled the room. I smiled.

He picked me up in his arms and buried his head in my chest. I was still smiling. I couldn’t tell if we were in love, but warmth pervaded this scene, an aura of companionship.

He lifted his head to kiss me. I breathed him in – darkness filled the room. He must’ve found the switch. Letting me down gently, he blew a slow kiss across my neck, I shivered. No touch but it was as though my skin hungered for it.

I don’t remember taking his clothes off but we were both naked when I opened my eyes. I couldn’t see his face in the darkness but my neurons must have been independently drinking gallons of coffee for they were quick in helping me locate his lips within a split second. His hands kneaded my buttocks as my fingers held on to his back for dear life. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he filled me up – glorious pain…and then it wasn’t so glorious.

The room lighted up, an eerie green glow, his voice changed.

“I alone am your god!”

It was Jesus!
His grip around my neck tightened, the room was closing in on me.

The clock chimed 6:00.