Bedlam (By The1theycall_E)


I shuffled my furry bunny slippers along. I always wore bunny slippers.


I haven’t the foggiest idea why I always wore bunny slippers.


Interestingly enough, a synonym for bunny shoes would be”rabbit’s foot” and they say a rabbit’s foot brings good luck.I guess being a synonym would mean I’m “like” lucky huh?


I’d say I’m a fairly lucky guy, not Irish lucky, not lotto lucky, probably not even “get-a-yes-or-no-question-correct-by-accident” lucky, but I did get to wear flowing robes and rabbit shoes eternally, &jackets reserved for the vainest “I’m-so-awesome-I-want-to-love-and-hug-myself” sort when my mood called for it.


I was on drugs, my pusher said it was cos I was weak & needed an escape but then my pusher wasn’t your run of the mill “pay-me-now-or-cold-turkey-&-die” variety. The drugs were actually free, he even let me wrestle him for an extra dose this one time. We were cool.


But I haven’t the foggiest idea why I was even on drugs.


I haven’t the foggiest idea about much of anything lately. Least of all being why I’m sitting at this dinner table staring blandly at a bowl of what I suspect might be alphabet soup. I don’t have any cutlery or clue why I don’t have cutlery, but even greater than my uncertainty is my nonchalance, I stir the quotes in my broth, no one tells me I can’t play with my food. No one tells me what I can and can’t do in this place… As long as I’m in this place…


No one can tell me anything.


There are more voices in my head than existin all of Bedlam. I’m dead sure of this.I form familiar sentences in my soup… & then I push it away, I’ll be damned if anyone, least of all myself, is going to get me to eat my own words… not you, not you, not you…


That’s when it hits me… the reason no one tells me anything, the reason no one can…is because no one’s there. I spent so much time in my own head, by myself that I didn’t realize no one is there, not at the table, not fastening my straitjacket.


Not keeping an eye on the exit.


I find the exits, I’ve actually been here for years, planning my escape and I didn’t think to check the front door first?That’s just insane. What kind of drugs was I on?


But then they always did say the gates of Bedlam were cast from the hardest irony…..


9 responses to “Bedlam (By The1theycall_E)

  1. Confirmed what we already know… dude isn’t altogether balanced.

    A few cards short of a full deck, you might say…

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