Tiger by ‘Nymous



Oh they’re up!


Opens eyes


Maybe not… it’s probably that boy going to do his thing in the bathroom again

Unusually late for him… he normally does it as soon as they’ve all gone to sleep



Oh! A mouse… Should I get it? Oh it’s gone


I saw him once… the boy. Not the mouse.

I know I’m not supposed to go into the house but how was I supposed to know he had skipped school that day

He was doing it on the lower bunk where his brother sleeps

He hit me




That was quick. He probably went to pee. Darkness inside, but I can still see.

Tiger pees a lot.

But not inside the house.


So yes… In the afternoons when they are all gone, and the girl; the one who stays home cleaning all day and falls asleep watching TV with the door open.

Yes, when she falls asleep with the door open, I sneak in

The girl, the one that goes to school. The fat one… yes she keeps the chocolate under her bed.


No one knows.

But I know.

Yes Tiger knows.


She doesn’t tell. She thinks the boy, the one who does his thing in the bathroom every night and in the lower bunk on weekends takes them.

Tiger is happy to let the fat girl think that.

Tiger likes the chocolate.

Tiger knows


*Closes Eyes*



Tiger doesn’t care. Tiger is not for catching mice





Tiger is easily spooked by my own snoring.

That’s why tiger doesn’t sleep much at night when it’s all quiet

Tiger sleeps by day after I have eaten the fat girl’s chocolate


*Opens Eyes*

No click to turn on the lights

But I can see.

Tiger can see


The man, the one who feeds Tiger in the evening

The man, the one who feeds the girl who cleans and cooks in the dead of the night

He’s coming out


Out of his room

He likes feeding the girl.

Since the woman moved out


The woman that brought Tiger home

She doesn’t live here any more




He’s in. I can see them through the curtains.

Tiger doesn’t need the lights on to see.

He’ll be done in 10 minutes.



The man is sneaking back into his room.

The fat girl is peeking out of her room.

She thinks she knows.

She doesn’t know the man only feeds the girl who cooks and cleans





Tiger can smell the boy.

Not the boy who who does his thing in the bathroom every night and in the lower bunk on weekends.

No not that boy who just went to pee an hour ago.

Not that boy who tried to feed me with what the man uses to feed the girl who cleans the house

The boy who lives in the next house.


Where one of Tiger’s boyfriend’s lives

Yes that boy. I can smell him


He’s climbing the wall.

Like he does almost every night.


Tiger is thirsty.

Tiger doesn’t really care what the humans do.

She has to pee again




6 responses to “Tiger by ‘Nymous

  1. *Asantewa has nine lives
    *The cat is a true peeping tom
    *Asantewa must tell us what the man feeds the girl who cooks and cleans the house
    *Asantewa must stop drinking polyjuice potion

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