Picture perfect

So, I just saw this image on facebook. And I thought, “why not write a story to support the picture?” So here’s my story. You can write yours in the comment box too!! 🙂


It must be the memories I kept glued at the back of your old textbooks, and in the pockets of your worn-out plaid shirts; that have held the fragments of my mind together.


I remember my mock anger at your strewn-clothes-palace of a room, and how you’d tickle me atop unstained sheets. I remember you tracing the landscape of my back, and marking your territory on my skin with your lips. The way you sucked in air when my tongue knew your skin, diving into me like I were the bearer of the everlasting life potion; you took the fire from the sun and sutured it to my hips.


I remember Sunday evenings, talking our lives away and discovering each other inch by inch. I remember the scars, the highs, and how you turned the pain into beautiful lines of poetry.

Now it’s just silence. The kind of silence that rings in your bones.

You’re here, but ….you’re not really here.

Somehow, you got indifference etched in your stem cells, generating a life of nonchalance.

You don’t notice the stiff smile, or the tattoo beneath my left breast. You don’t notice my tear-stained cheeks or the weight loss.

I want anger. I want a whirlwind of emotions. I want to you to scream or shout…

Anything but this deathly silence.



Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words (“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”) and is said to have called it his best work. So I asked a few friends on twitter to give it a shot.

Here goes..


No talk. She bled. Gentian violet. –



Six eunuchs, naked woman. No erection

– @ThisIsTrix


Ego not big as balls. Disappointed



I’m new to this. Be gentle

– @JunkieOnMars


She came. He came. He left



Never worded gratitude. Hugs and kisses

– @NiiN0i


6am; her scent – lust and shame

– @efua_xo


My heart. Twice Broken. Still Open

-@ Mcfrankline


College girl. Loses virginity. Gets chlamydia

-@ ThisIsTrix


On display: functioning body, broken heart



This heart; it’s yours to keep

– @NiiN0i


Four girls. Miles apart. Friends forever.

 – @CelsyM


He touched. She gasped. Lights please!

– @poetra_asantewa