Getting God back on Public Transport


Dear Uncle Sam,
I met God last Thursday.
She sat in the front seat of the yellow bus heading south in a borrowed blouse;
Smelling faintly of stolen perfume and renewed hope.
God sat beside me on a hot afternoon, in a little too tight grey suit,
Soaking the Monday blues off his sweaty forehead with a dirty green towel.
I saw God shift uncomfortably in her seat, punching furiously at her phone
as the man behind haggled her for a number to call.

Sometimes, God would jump into the bus through the back window,
Brush dirt off his sleeve and smoothen the crease down his pants with a smile.
Pleased at himself for avoiding having to pay two and a half times the price of the bus for the taxi that was rusted anyway
And sometimes, I would see God tucking old notes in a crumpled handkerchief under her left breast; smelling like fresh fish and happiness.
God sat two seats away from me today in a well pressed uniform,
And refused to pay a 20 pesewa increase on the bus fare.
The day before he put his head out the back seat window as the bus sped away, but not before I saw a lone tear travel down his cheek.

Today, God didn’t take public transport.
He was too broke
He called in to work sick because pay day is two days away
And his last note can only go a day.
Dear Uncle Sam,
Bring God back.


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